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Botanical name: Juniper, Juniperus communis nana, ext.

Common name: Juniper

Plant family: Cypress family (Cupressaceae)

Production technique: Steam distillation. Approx. 1000 kg of chopped juniper branches yields approx. 1 litre of essential oil

Plant parts: Needles, branch tips and berries

Harvest: End of October, November

Scent profile: Bitter, strong, woody, resinous

Note: Base note: anchors and promotes deep roots


Body: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, stimulates the metabolism, detoxifying, draining, diuretic digestive, stimulates the circulation, relaxing, relieves pain, similar to cortisone, mild detoxifier.

Mind: Balances the emotions, promotes greater mental clarity and concentration, invigorating, stimulating.

Soul: Purifying, clarifying powers and a stabilising, releasing effect. Helps with anxiety and weakness.

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