Strengthen yourself!

Botanical name: Pinus mugo, ext

Common name: Mountain pine

Plant family: Pine family (Pinaceae)

Production technique: Steam distillation. Approx. 300 kg of chopped mountain pine branches yields approx. 1 litre of mountain pine essential oil

Plant parts: Needles, branch tips and cones

Harvest: End of May to October

Scent profile: Fresh, woody, resinous, spicy, coniferous

Note: Base note: anchors and promotes deep roots


Body: cortisone-like, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, analgesic, decongestant, stimulates the circulation, strengthens the nerves, diuretic, promotes blood circulation, stimulates the skin's metabolism.
Mind: Strengthening, invigorating, gives stamina, gives courage.
Soul: In case of mental fatigue, restlessness and stress, it is vitalising, regenerating and gently stimulating.

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