Keep a clear head

Botanical name: ABIES ALBA

Common name: Silver fir

Plant family: Pine family (Pinaceae)

Production technique: Steam distillation. Approx. 400 kg of chopped silver fir branches yields approx. 1 litre of essential oil

Plant parts: Needles, branch tips and cones

Harvest: End of May until end of October

Scent profile: Fresh, clear, woody, balsam-woody

Note: Heart note: binds and harmonises  


Body: Powerful antiviral and antibacterial effect, stimulates the immune system, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, boosts the circulation, warming, disinfects stale air, antipyretic; ideal for colds, flu infections, flu, runny nose, sinusitis, ear pain.

Mind: Clears the mind and releases problems.

Soul: The great value of this oil lies in the psychological effect: It has the freshest fragrance of all the oils and is an outstanding, invigorating and uplifting mood-enhancer. Clears the mind, promotes concentration and helps with exhaustion, bad dreams, imbalance, fatigue, discouragement and weakness.

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