It doesn't get more relaxing

Botanical name: PICEA ABIES
Common name: Spruce
Plant family: Pine family (Pinaceae)
Production technique: Steam distillation. Approx. 650 kg of chopped spruce branches yields approx. 1 litre of essential oil
Plant parts: Needles, branch tips and cones
Harvest: Year-round
Scent profile:  Spicy, aromatic, fresh, delicate scent of needles
Note:  Heart note: binds and harmonises


Body: Antiparasitic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, sweat-inducing, diuretic, expectorant and mucolytic, strong anticonvulsant effect, strengthens the nervous system.

Mind: Soothes and eases stress.

Soul: Who could fail to recognise the magnificent scent of spruce needles while strolling through the forest? Spruce oil also has the same effect on us: It expands the lungs, gives us a sense of relaxation and promotes our bond with nature. Spruce oil releases emotional blockages, helps us to find our inner balance and grounds us when we are drifting or have lost our connection with the earth beneath our feet.

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