Feel yourself!

Botanical name: Pinus cembra, ext

Common name: Swiss stone pine, Swiss pine, Stone pine, Arolla pine

Plant family: Pine family (Pinaceae)

Production technique: Steam distillation. Approx. 200 kg of chopped Swiss stone pine branches yields approx. 1 litre of essential oil

Plant part: Needles, branch tips and cones

Harvest: Autumn

Scent profile: Spicy, aromatic, fresh, delicate scent of needles

Note: Heart note: binds and harmonises


Body:  Stimulating, warming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, excellent for rheumatic complaints and acute pain.

Mind:  Improves concentration, stimulates and focuses the mind.

Soul: Promotes mental resilience and logical thought processes. Swiss stone pine oil motivates us, strengthens our willpower, gives us courage and self-confidence, and bolsters our ability to assert ourselves. It gives us the strength to not bend, but to remain resolute, and gives us faith in our own nature.

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