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Take a deep breath, and relax

Our hearts and souls are in our Natur Spa with its five saunas, salt inhalation steam room and relaxation room with infra-red recliners. You can book your sauna with relaxation room and exclusive shower for yourself alone, for two, or with a group of friends, and enjoy an experience that brings relaxation to a whole new level. Take a break from everyday life with a massage, Kneipp treatment or cosmetic treatment with Trehs® body care products from the Sarntal Valley.


Unique and exclusive

There’s only one place where you can experience the original open-air Sarntal Valley mountain pine bath: Here at the Eschgfeller, from May to October. This century-old tradition has been brought back to life and adapted to modern-day needs.

Our team, with their professional training in massage, aromatherapy, herb cultivation and Kneipp bathing, have put together the array of treatments on offer at the Natur Spa. Whether you opt for the standard package or a custom-designed wellness programmes, we always know how to give our guests exactly what they are looking for. 


Exclusive sauna

Your own private sauna: It’s always had a special ring to it. Either for two or for a group of friends, you can hire out your own sauna, complete with relaxation room and shower. There are five saunas to choose from, including Finnish, organic sauna and steam bath. The salt inhalation steam room and relaxation room with infra-red recliners can be used by all visitors to the spa.

Included in the price: A hot footbath, Eschgfeller essential oil for the sauna, herbal tea and fitness snacks.

Taking relaxation to a new dimension

From 2 people

2 hours € 21,50 per person
every further hour €   9,50 per person



Bathrobe  € 4,00
Towel  € 3,00



The Olpm sauna is infused with the heady scent of Swiss stone pine and pervaded with a liberating, carefree atmosphere reminiscent of summer on a mountain pasture. Finnish in style, it can also be used as an organic sauna and seats four people.


Landlord of the house Phillip designed the Flerl sauna from top to bottom. The combination of pine wood and natural stone radiates power and peace. This Finnish sauna seats two and has an exceptionally spacious relaxation area.  


The Grien sauna is named after Barbara, the mother of the house: It was her pioneering work of 25 years ago that laid the ground stones for the Natur Spa. This Finnish sauna seats two and has a snug, cosy relaxation room.

Bad Gufl

The Bad Gufl is our steam bath where you can bask in the hot steam and relax in utter peace in the private room. The atmospheric lighting turns this sauna trip into an absolute experience.

Reischnar Sauna

The “Reischn” mountain pine sauna is the original: Out in the open air, it seats four Finnish-sauna style fans. The relaxation room with shower is indoors and features a spectacular Swiss stone pine ceiling.

Relaxation room with infra-red recliners

All guests are welcome to use the relaxation room with its infra-red recliners. Here, as in all our spa areas, rest and relaxation are the order of the day.

Good reasons to relax

  • It releases tension and relieves back pain
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It boosts blood circulation and improves the metabolism and stimulates the body’s cleansing and detox processes.

Salt inhalation steam room

When heated, salt releases negative ions which purify indoor air and infuse it with an invigorating freshness reminiscent of the sea, the mountains or a waterfall. The fine mist enables the body to absorb natural ingredients more intensively, through both the skin and the respiratory tract.

Welcome to the tour of our nature spa

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Sweet-scented warmth

Original Sarntal Valley Mountain Pine Bath

60 mins. for 43,00 €

There’s only one place where you can experience the original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bath: Here at the Eschgfeller Breath of the Mountains where, enveloped in 50°C de-oiled pine, you can experience relaxation at its absolute purest.


The bath itself lasts 25 minutes and is rounded off with a Kneipp session and a post-treatment relaxation session.

As far back as the mid-20th century the mountain pine bath was a well-known custom in the Sarntal Valley; the men who harvested mountain pine cones in the steep uplands sought relaxation and regeneration in the warmth of the pine,


Here in our Natur Spa, you can enjoy what is probably the most unique bath in the world from May through to October, under the open skies, as you listen to the murmur of the brooks and absorb the breath of the mountains with mind, body and soul.

The healing effects unfurl as the warm mountain pine cones release their essential oils. The original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bath promotes the circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the connective tissue and the vegetative nervous system. An original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bath detoxifies and cleanses the skin and eases the pain of rheumatism or lumbago.


The best thing about the original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bath? It smells wonderful and is immensely relaxing. A gentle caress for the body and the soul. 

Sarntal Valley mountain pine bag treatment

50 mins. for 37,00 €

A mini-mountain pine bath, all year round: Filled with warm mountain pine needles, this soothing, relaxing treatment bag relieves tension and is the perfect way to prepare the body before a massage.


Treat yourself to the most beautiful moments every day, and bathe your body, mind and soul in inner harmony.

Sarah Bernhardt, French actress

Classic full-body massage 50 minutes € 64,00
Partial massage, back or legs 25 minutes € 34,00
Head, neck and shoulder massage 40 minutes € 46,00
Intensive back 50 minutes € 61,00


This sports massage relaxes the muscles and eases tension after a hard day. Our mountain pine essential oil also boosts the blood circulation.

50 minutes € 65,00


Arrival: An aromatic face & foot treatment for a mini time-out and a sense of freshness and vitality. This treatment relaxes your face muscles and legs.

45 minutes € 50,00


Gaze: A gentle facial massage with exclusive Trehs® Acqua Vinea Nobilis facial care products for a fresh, radiant glow.

40 minutes € 44,00


Foot pressure point massage: A warm footbath filled with our mountain pine bath salt, and a massage with our delicate juniper oil. Rejuvenate yourself! Foot stimulation benefits the whole body and boosts the body’s own self-healing capacity.

50 minutes € 53,00

Aromatic massage: Feel the power of our precious organic essential oils.

50 minutes € 71,00


To bring you relaxation at its most profound, we have added an array of soothing treatments to our programme: Special moments. Because you deserve them.

Mountain pine exfoliation

Finely-ground mountain pine cones massage and cleanse the skin, boost the circulation and enhance cellular activity. Exfoliation and massage with the power of nature. 

50 minutes € 58,00


Stone pine exfoliation

The finest of Alpine salt, Swiss stone pine needles and our 100% pure, natural Swiss stone pine oil nourish your skin, enhance your complexion and bring deep relaxation.

50 minutes € 62,00



Our body-styling treatment strengthens and tones your skin. The Trehs® body mask detoxifies the body and stimulates the metabolism.

80 minutes € 107,00


LaStone Therapy®

LaStone Therapy® is a mesmerising combination of massage and energy -centre work with hot and cold stones. The deep relaxation it provides to body and mind helps to release blockages, giving you a new-found energy, harmony and vitality.

Full body treatment 75 minutes € 80,00
Back treatment 45 minutes € 62,00


Sanus per aquam - Health trough water

“Everybody wants to be healthy and live longer but very few people actually do something about it. If only people would devote half as much attention towards remaining healthy and leading a sensible life as they do today in order to become sick, then they would be saved from half of the diseases that they suffer from.”

Sebastian Kneipp

Cold wraps with essential oil

50 minutes

Leg wrap € 26,00
Lumbar wrap € 25,00
Short wrap € 28,00


Contrast showers

8-10 minutes

Knee shower € 6,00
Arm & face shower € 8,00
Thigh shower € 7,00
Full shower, incl. face € 15,00


Contrast baths

10-15 minutes

Contrast foot bath € 12,00
Contras arm bath € 12,00


Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatments are not just about nurturing and beautifying the body; they should, in at least equal measure, boost your outlook on life.  

Facial treatments

The facial treatment cleanses, tones, helps to eliminate skin impurities and gives the skin a fresh glow and renewed suppleness: We work with Trehs® Aqua Vinea Nobilis products.

80 minutes € 86,00
50 minutes € 75,00


Cosmetic treatments

Eyebrow shaping 15 minutes € 10,00
Eyebrow tint and shaping 20 minutes € 15,00
Eyelash tint 25 minutes € 16,00
Manicure 45 minutes € 33,00
Manicure with varnish 60 minutes € 35,00
Pedicure 50 minutes € 35,00
Pedicure with varnish 60 minutes € 37,00



Half leg 20 minutes € 25,00
Whole leg 40 minutes € 35,00
Whole leg & bikini line 50 minutes € 40,00
Bikini line, armpit or forearm 15 minutes from € 12,00
Face 15 minutes from € 9,00
Back 20 minutes € 25,00


Day Spa

Enjoy your break – you’ve earnt it!

Relax and revel in the pampering here at our Natur Spa: Our pamper packages make it all so easy.  

Sauna sensation

2 original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bag treatments
2 warm foot baths
2 full body massages
3 hours in the sauna

5 hours € 264,00


Time for two

2 original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bag treatments

2 warm foot baths

2 partial massages

1 sauna for 2 hours

4 hours € 185,00


"Dolce far niente"

1 original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bath or 1 mountain pine bag treatment (depending on season)

1 pedicure

1 leg wrap

1 arm contrast shower

Full day € 114,00


Our year-round feel-good offers

Fit & healthy

2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast

1 welcome drink

1 original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bath or a relaxing mountain pine bag treatment (depending on the season)

1 leg wrap

1 full body massage

1 arm contrast shower


€ 237.00.- p.p. (Single occupancy:  € 16.00 surcharge)

treat yourself

4 nights’ accommodation with breakfast

1 welcome drink

1 original Sarntal Valley mountain pine bag treatment

1 full body massage

1 sauna for 3 hours

1 Swiss stone pine exfoliation

1 mani-pedi with varnish


€ 438.00- p.p. (Single occupancy:  € 16.00 surcharge)

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