The Process

Firstly, the chopped plant matter is loaded onto a conveyor belt and fed into an alembic column, large enough to hold eight cubic metres of mountain pine. The boiler, filled with woodchip and residual distillation material, is then lit in order to heat the water and produce steam. The plants in the alembic are steamed for eight hours, during which time all the nutrients and terpene hydrocarbons, are released from the needles, cones and branches and bind together in the steam. This steam cools down when it passes through the condenser and turns to liquid once again. At this stage the oil, as it is lighter, separates from the water and floats on its surface. It can now be extracted easily. The final phase of filtration removes the last of the dust particles.

The product


From 250 to 300 kg of chopped mountain pine, we yield one kilogramme of 100% pure, natural wild-grown mountain pine oil. Our products are certified organic.


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